Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Rose of Sharon

When I'm not busy with MA things and work I enjoy cross-stitching. I recently started a new pattern, Mirabilia's "Rose of Sharon." I don't know exactly how many hours I've worked on it so far but my best guess is somewhere around 15-20 hours. I was hopping to give it to my mother for her birthday, but I know I won't be remotely close to finishing this piece before April 3rd. So, perhaps I'll give it to her for Christmas?

This is what it will look like when I'm all finished. 'Rose of Sharon' is the second piece I've stitched on linen. The first one took me almost 2 years to finish, partially because I let it sit in my drawer for nearly 9 months, and partially because it took me a while to become comfortable stitching on linen. All my other projects had been done on aida cloth and were all quite small in comparision.

Mirabilia's Rose of Sharon

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