Saturday, May 05, 2007

Candidate #2

Candidate 2: 33 year-old who works in sales. Single, no kids, no pets, no former wives, but he is a smoker who’s trying to quit.

First Impression:
Clean-cut, put together professional who’s not afraid to take charge of a situation. He’s also a great friend and very selfless in giving time to those in his inner circle, whether it’s a best friend or a family member. A touch redneck given his hometown and some of his interests but not overly so.

Second impression (from msn chats and a brief phone call):
A very warm and inviting personality. He’s got a lot of charm and humour, but knows when to keep the flirting light without crossing the line into pervy territory like so many other men I’ve talked to before. A gentleman, who’s easy going, driven, has goals and a plan to achieve them. The early impression of redneck is balanced with a surprising love of reading, photography, and a higher than average intelligence. Candidate 2 is also surprisingly patient and understanding of my work schedule and time commitments.

The Plan:
Originally we’d scheduled an off the cuff date for a double header at the drive-in after he learned I’m as big a movie buff as he was, but had never been to the drive-in before. My nerves and an overly cautious attitude changed my mind and we’ve decided on something a little less intense for a first meeting. He’s calling tomorrow morning and we’ll decide on an activity for Sunday afternoon depending on weather and our respective moods.

Pre-date feelings:
Cautiously optimistic. Although Candidate #2 is seven years older than myself, I’ve already shown a penchant for older men, to my detriment at times, which negates my initial apprehension of the age difference. I feel a lot better about this date than prior to Candidate #1’s, but I don’t want to get ahead of myself if the connection doesn’t hold in the real world away from the computer.

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