Monday, July 19, 2010

Dress Shopping

Later this summer one of my brother's is getting married. In anticipation of the event I've been searching for a dress off and on - something that is appropriate for a family wedding, not dowdy looking, and not black. The last three dresses I bought for weddings were black and it's time for a change, not to mention the fact that this is a summer garden wedding and black would be too hot.

Along the way one of the sales staff I encountered had one of the nicest ways of telling me that a dress made me look fat. After stuffing myself into a dress that was a size too small, just to see if it looked good enough to order in my appropriate size she approached me with the line:

"Maybe we should find a dress that's a little more gentle on your curves."

I had to commender her aplomb in the situation since my ample chest was trying to break free of that dress and it was anything but flattering. In the end I did buy something from that store, but more than anything I was impressed with how this young woman handled things. Especially since I'm so used to retail workers lying and saying everything looks great on me, regardless of whether or not it really does.

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